Since its beginning, in 1989, the boutique Studio, founded and headed by Danilo Capellini, has been driven by the pursuit of quality achieved through a creative use of traditional artisan craftsmanship combined with the most advanced and efficient technology, in the belief that through sensitive design and care in detailing it’s possible to positively influence the natural environment and the quality of our lives.

Each project produced by our Studio is strictly related to the environment, the culture and the climate of its place and aims to satisfy, through an ecologically sensitive design, the needs of people in order to ensure their well-being.
For each project of ours we like to point our focus on the health of our entire planet in order to take the best possible actions on the interest of our clients, the local communities and the cities. “Think globally, act locally” is the motto we firmly believe in.
The philosophy which inspires every project is the same regardless of scale or size, big or small, whether for public or private use.

This explains why the same amount of care and attention is provided in buildings design as well as in master planning or interior design and why every detail is never too small in its importance for us.

Working closely with clients, users, manufacturers and consultants we have developed the quality priorities of our studio: a design aware of the environment protection and energy saving as well as of physical and social performances

We provide, through our multi-disciplinary organization, high quality tailor made services, taking care of projects through all their stages.
We have extensive experience in designing, financing and supervising constructions in all range of building types.



We aim to satisfy our customers needs, by using a combination of traditional materials, craftmanship and the most updated, innovative and eco-friendly solutions available world wide.


All our projects are grounded on environmental, social and economical solid bases.


In our projects we aim to maximize benefits while minimizing construction cost, without losing quality.


We believe that through sensitive design and care in detailing it’s possible to positively influence the natural environment and our lives quality.

Our Services

We design taking care of the most advanced environmental standards, mixing modern technologies with old techniques and natural materials.

We think and plan in terms of identity, sustainability, accessibility, diversity, compatibility, density and adaptability. We design to guarantee a
sustainable livable future in order to preserve our land for next generations. We develop and build ideas that are achievable and cost efficient.

Our projects aim to improve natural environment as well as people’s life.
We use some of the most advanced standards such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D.®️).
We like to cooperate with local communities and environmental specialists in order to fit the needs of strategic environmental assessments.

We take care of every single step from architectural concept design to masterplanning; from new building development to historical building refurbishment; from interior and landscape design to structural design (in reinforced concrete, steel or wood); from 3D Modeling, with Building Information Model, to Earthquake simulations and finite element analysis.

We provide innovative and reliable technical solutions as well as business planning and project management.
Our real-world expertise in planning and financial modeling for architecture, infrastructure and more, gives us comprehensive oversight on all these issues. Through our partners’ network, we can provide full Financial and Legal advisor services from project conception to project completion.

We can take care of financial feasibility analysis as well as market research and analysis, ecological studies and equipment procurement.